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Can Doing Nothing Really Lead to Success in 2024

Success is a journey marked by continuous effort, small steps, and incremental victories that lead to greater achievements.

This article guides on how to be success in life. Stay tuned as we explore the tips to be successful in life.

HEY! HEY! Never be discouraged when you progress, no matter how slow or small. Only be wary or stand still, small steps are big ideas. Start where you are. You can only start with what you have, not with what u don’t have. Opportunity is always where you are not where you were. To get anywhere, you must launch out from somewhere or you will get nowhere. The only way to learn anything thoroughly is by starting at the bottom.

HEY! Imitation is a limitation that says that the person who is satisfied with what he has done will never be famous for what he or she will do. Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. You will never rise to great heights without joy and zeal. For you to succeed in what you do, you must love what you do and enjoy doing it.

Climbing the Mountain of Everest because it is where, sending rockets into space, making the dean list, rising to the top of a corporation- all these actions probably have mixed underlying motives. But all of them is a desire to excel, to overcome obstacles, to exercise power, to strive to do something difficult as well and as quickly as possible.


In my view, the greatest impediment to human development is the conscious and subconscious denial of our own true identity. I do not only need to accept but also to acknowledge who I am, my history and my roots before I can genuinely appreciate others and who they are. I may have come from a humble and regrettable beginning. Oh Yes! That is my identity. In other words, restoration of people’s sense of identity, helping them to find pride in whom they are whatever the limitations, is a noble duty. This is the time when people will realize the potential in them to transform their situations. Denying who we are is the surest beginning of a decline in personal growth.

Ending this by saying we were created with God for a purpose. Created to fulfill our destiny and each one has been given what they need to fulfill this destiny God will never equip anybody to fulfill what is outside his destiny. IF GOD GIVES YOU A VISION, HE WILL GIVE YOU PROVISION.


Seif acceptance can’t be realized when one is not comfortable with who she is. Be comfortable with who God made you be. I certainly agree with him because unless one is secure enough in who she is, they cannot have the courage to engage in any meaningful undertaking. Nobody is as disappointed and unhappy as the person who spends his life longing to be someone else. Never to anything but yourself. Until you make peace with who you are, you will never be contented with what you have. You are your doctor when it comes to curing cold feet and stuffy attitude and nobody else can help you come out of it. It is important to note that your future depends on to accomplish what you picture in your mind. Anybody can suffer self-condemnation regardless of age, position, background or even education level. It is one’s perception towards life that determines his or her destiny. It is thus worth noting that how we handle people particularly children is of paramount importance since it affects their perceptions.


Children do suffer from different traumas such as separation from their mothers and fathers. If checked trauma can lead to poor performance in the adulthood personality. It seems under some circumstances; Early traumas can be overcome if social support and affection are forthcoming. It has been discovered that if family members, teachers, friends or even other people are available to comfort the child, he or she may recover from the trauma with negative effects.

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